The most fashionable fashions for summer 2011

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This summer, there is nothing more trendy than the cotton dress. The thin material is breathable and has the ability to look graceful while at the same time allowing you to enjoy a breezy appearance so you don’t have to burn in the sweltering heat. The simple white cotton dress has always been a favorite and this year you can wear it wide and long, or short and sleeveless. No matter how, the dress can be complemented with thong sandals and bracelets. Wear your hair with a twist and you’ll get an awesome summer look that can be the perfect thing for a day at the movies or shopping with the girls on a hot summer day.

Another great outfit to go out during the day are the striped tank tops. These are also loose fitting and breathable and go great with mini skirts or shorts in denim or khaki. These tank tops look great with long necklaces and dangling earrings, as well as boots or strappy sandals. Great if you’re on the go, these dresses are perfect for long walks, action, and even sports so you can do all the things you love in the summer and still feel great.

For evening wear this summer, enjoy knee-length dresses made with subtle, satin materials. You want to wear light colored things too, so that you can withstand the summer heat and so you can really have fun too. Try adding a short doll dress with a pair of thin tights and a floral print, then add it to a pair of sequin sandals and this cute and feminine look will be perfect for a night on the town. Plus, long dresses with halter-style tops or sleeveless cuts that extend to the ankles are also a fantastic way to stun people at a summer party. These dresses are usually exotic prints, available in bright colors with striking patterns. Add them to a pair of heels or clogs and you have a fantastic look that you can decorate with earrings and bracelets.

In the summer, you want a look that’s fresh and casual, but also bright and trendy. Knitted suits are back in the limelight and are easy to wear with a t-shirt or tank top inside. These are shorts, so you’ll look good in them, and they’re made from durable materials so you can wear them wherever you go and whatever you do. And of course, the simple look of jeans and t-shirts has never gone out of style and is also a staple of summer fashion.

For a cool and sparkling look, try these combinations and feel really trendy and trendy this summer. You can be sure to break new ground with your sultry new look by adding some wonderful complementary accessories to it, shoes and even sun hats and sunglasses, two ways to not only look great and stylish, but also to protect yourself from the summer sun and stay safe.

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