Rules You Must Know Before Using Silicone Sex Dolls

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Boston Fashion Silicone sex dolls are getting prettier, more alluring, and more detailed. There are pure angel faces and physical dolls with demon images. They have a charming look and bewildered look. Real doll. To sum up, the current types of silicone sex dolls are roughly divided into: pure type, loli type, queen type, wild type, cute type, mature type, etc.
What rules do we need to pay attention to when using silicone sex dolls?
Precautions for the use of silicone sex dolls:
The use of silicone sex dolls is roughly divided into the following three steps: before use, during use, and after use, please see the detailed instructions below.
Before using the physical doll, the physical doll should be cleaned.
When using a solid doll, in order to maintain sufficient lubricity inside the silicone part of the silicone doll, a lubricant must be used. If no lubricant is used, the inside of the doll is not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the silicone doll to rupture privately after use. It is also possible if you wear a sufficiently lubricated condom.
After using the silicone doll, you need to clean the inside of the doll’s private parts with water, and clean the whole body of the doll. After the silicone doll is completely sterilized, wash it with warm water, then dry the inside and surface of the doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and save it for next use.
The skin of the silicone sex doll is designed to be very delicate and shiny, so keep it away from the fire source, and keep it away from sharp objects, so as not to affect the appearance of scratches. Do not touch silicone sex dolls with easily contaminated items such as ink, so as not to get dirty. Although the silicone sex doll can change any posture, the bending degree should not exceed the bending angle of the human body when changing the posture, and the bending force should not exceed the bending force, so as not to strain the skin of the silicone sex doll. . Remember not to push too hard when changing any movements. Do not exceed the curvature of the human body. Although silicone sex dolls are not creatures, it should be cherished that the dolls can be replaced with different styles. Silicone dolls will feel a little oily on the surface of the skin. This is normal, in order to give off an enchanting aroma and protect the skin from cracking. The silicone doll with circuit part should not touch water when cleaning, so as to avoid circuit failure. The silicone doll with battery setting needs to take out the battery after use, and save it so as not to use it next time. Solid dolls can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases to a certain extent, but if multiple people use the same silicone sex doll, it is likely to be infected. Silicone sex dolls can only be used alone and should be cleaned up in time after use. Pay attention to hygiene. Although real silicone dolls can solve people’s physiological needs, the frequency of use should be controlled so as not to affect physical health.

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