Men should not suppress their libido

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Men’s sexual experience has begun to shift from penis enlargement to ejaculation, and male users who actively use sex dolls have also increased. Sex dolls are not only used for sex and interest, but also as practical companions for single and lonely groups.
With the lifting of the ban and the gradual liberalization of social customs, the control of disciplinary sexual desire has been reduced. Sex dolls are no longer obscene objects, but love and righteous sex dolls. Sex Not only the intimacy between men and women, but the new sex dolls also allow multi-gender people to pursue the possibility of fun and play.
Although the use of sex dolls has been protested by some women for their rights and autonomy, men’s enthusiasm for buying sex dolls has been growing. Sales of female dolls are growing at a rate of 50% per year, while sales of male dolls are also growing at a rate of 30%.
160cm (5ft3 ââ‚? Small breasts lifelike love doll ââ‚? Kasandra Also, the humiliation of sluts who have not yet subsided in the social atmosphere also haunts from time to time, friendly erotic spaces need to be managed and maintained, reminding us that different genders , The cost of erotic performances for different sexual orientations still has a way to go, and the reform of the power operation of the target class cannot stay on the current practice until one day, sex dolls can get rid of “female substitutes” and “sexual masturbators” Pick up sexuality at its purest and make it a character any male body can seek for self-pleasure and enjoyment.

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