Humans will legalize marriage with sex robots in 2050

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At present, but the realistic lover dolls that men like most have entered the lives of many people, but the technology is improving, and the requirements of users are also increasing, because the real lover dolls cannot communicate with you without a heartbeat, and always feel the shortcomings. Have you ever thought that in the future, the beautiful men who come and go on the street are beautifully dressed, talkative, efficient, love life, have legal resident status, rights and obligations, but in fact, they are artificial sex robots. There are bold predictions , by 2050, humans will be able to marry their favorite robots, and people can’t tell with the naked eye which virtual robots are real robots.
Sex robots have the identity of real people, and have the same rights as human beings, such as work, dating, marriage, and freedom. At that time, singles can cooperate with robot companies to customize their favorite types, including facial features, skin color, body shape, functions, etc. Of course, it may not be possible to use 2050. Humans and robots have lived together for a long time. People don’t laugh at each other about the life of robots because they have different styles, some are companions, some are servants, workers, etc.
Will you see that day come? Most people would like to have a sex robot like this, that can bring us company, bring crazy love, and have emotional sustenance at the same time.

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