How to fix partially shed sex doll eyelashes?

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Maybe after using your sex doll for a few months, you’ll notice that your lashes are falling out. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and easy (and cheap) to fix. Because the manufacturer only uses false eyelashes and soft glue, it will fall out one day. This is to prevent any damage to the silicone or TPE. Let’s see how to replace your original lashes or place your current lashes in this guide.
what tools do you need to change them
A box of lashes or original, if still intact. Eyelash glue eyelash tweezers Eyelashes can be found in makeup store boxes, with or without glue. eyelash box
Prices can range from a few dollars to $20-30. Therefore, the better the quality, the more expensive the price. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have eyelash tweezers, any other tweezers will do.
eyelash tweezers
Note that this glue is exclusive to skin and lashes. Do not use other types of glue, you may damage the doll and lashes
eyelash glue
How to Place Eyelashes First you need to clean the area of ​​all the old glue and dust. Use eyelash tweezers to clip the eyelashes in place and wait for the glue to dry.
Placing Eyelashes on TPE Doll You can adjust the length of the eyelashes with scissors after the eyelashes are in place. Reapply your makeup with any eyeliner just like the first day!

Liquid eyeliner for eyelids
Conclusion You can use your old or new lashes After placing your new lashes, you can reapply your makeup with eyeliner and just use gel as you did on day one. Do not use glue such as super glue, or it will damage the doll and the eyelashes. You can change the style of your lashes at any time, in this case use reusable lashes!

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