Have you ever attended an adult doll wedding?

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You’ve probably heard of strange marriage customs around the world. But, have you heard of adult marriage? Have you ever been involved in it?
Just like regular men and women weddings, unusual weddings, such as sex doll-to-human weddings, are also at the top of the trend list these days. All over the world, there are cases of people (whether men or women) marrying dolls. In this blog, we will discuss exactly these doll wedding examples. So, get ready to enjoy this fun ride. Scroll down.
Marrying a Doll: Real Life Example of a Doll Wedding
People who buy stylish realistic sex dolls in Illinois have married their dolls many times, finishing their marriages and living happier lives forever. Some examples are mentioned below –
Marrying a Zombie Doll Felicity Kadlec married her zombie doll Kelly Rossi in a beautiful ceremony in Tiverton, USA. The wedding cost $500 and was accompanied by Felicity’s family, friends and other dolls she owned. Felicity, who believes Kelly is the love of her life, claims that marrying the doll brought her closer to her. She started her new journey with Kylie by completing her marriage and is happy to marry Kylie after a 4-year relationship with the doll. They are now looking forward to raising children, possibly by using donor sperm.
Married due to terminal cancer A 28-year-old Chinese man (name unknown) is reportedly married to a sex doll due to terminal cancer. Reports say the man would rather marry a doll because he doesn’t want to leave a bereaved widow crying over the loss of him. The newlyweds took several tender wedding photos, posing in multiple romantic poses. In one of the pictures, the doll is wearing a lavish white gown, while in the other she is wearing a lilac dress embellished with gems and sequins.
Synthetic Love with Wife and Mistress Davecat believes in synthetic love and is known for living with his wife and mistress, both of whom are dolls. He bought his future wife, Sidore Kuroneko, online for $6,000. She’s made of silicone that feels soft and even has a fake tongue. Davecat and Sidore are not legally married. But they both wore matching wedding rings with the phrase “Synthetik [sic] love lasts forever”? He said they were planning a ceremony to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Elena Vostrikova is Davecat’s doll mistress, purchased in 2012. Three of them now live in one-bedroom apartments in southeastern Michigan.
in conclusion
If we were to list people who have had serious relationships with lover dolls, it would take a lot longer than you might think. Whether it’s a man or a woman, everyone in Arizona and the rest of the globe is looking for a plethora of lifelike sex dolls for love and companionship. Those who are in a relationship with the doll not only have sex with the doll, but also engage in routine activities that their real-life partners would do. For example, Senji Nakajima, a married Japanese man, takes his doll, Saori, for walks and shopping. With a doll by your side, you too can live a happy life, just like these real-life doll buyers.

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