Great Craft Idea: How to Make an Expired Doll

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Have you ever heard of or seen a doll out of time. These are dolls that look like real babies standing in a pouting corner, hence the name “time out doll”. These dolls are very easy to make and are great gift ideas.

I have seen many dolls made in a variety of different ways. I choose to make them sturdy, very resistant and changeable. These dolls are interchangeable if the clothes they wear become dusty or dirty or even annoying to the eye. It simply changes their appearance just like you would a small child. These time out dolls are made so that it is as simple to change them as it is a small child. This gives variety.

These dolls are made up of a body, a head, legs and arms. The body and legs are made of wood, the head is a polystyrene ball and the arms are made of wire. The clothes are a baby size 1, a pair of children’s shoes, a cap or hat of your choice generally a baseball cap and a pair of cotton gloves for children. The body is nicely stuffed with batting and glued together with craft glue or hot glue from a craft store.

The first thing is to assemble the body. It is made up of 2 pieces of wood, the body and the legs. The thread is inserted into a hole near the upper body to form the arms. The next step is to wrap the batting around your legs and body to form the pad and then glue it in place. Be generous with your padding. You can make it thick or thin as you like depending on the size of the clothes. Once the body and legs are padded, the arms must also be padded. Fold the yarn to the desired size and then wrap the batting around the yarn all the way from the bottom loop to the top of the shoulder.

OK, the next step is to attach the head, cover the padding and dress the Time out Doll. To attach the head it is necessary to drive a large thick nail into the upper body. Make sure you place the nail in the center. Cover the nail with a lot of glue and place the foam ball firmly on the nail and push the head into place. Now you need to cover the filling with socks or stockings. Cover the body, legs and arms of the time out doll with stockings, make sure to stretch them tightly and glue them in place.

When choosing the time out doll dress you can be as creative as you like. Cotton gloves are used for the hands. You’ll also need to make sure you have a long-sleeved top or add a skivvy under the dress to cover your arms, especially when making a doll. You always have to have some kind of hat on the doll because there is no face because they stand in the corner. Be creative.

Congratulations you got yourself a Time out doll. Now place the doll in a corner for all your friends and family to admire.

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