Create an Asian skintone on your reborn baby

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Making Asian skintones is the same process as making a Caucasian baby, only different color blends are needed. Initial preparation, depending on the color of your kit, may be required in the form of a dye. If your kit is too pink, we recommend doing a purple dye for ten minutes to tone it down slightly, ready for your Asian color mix. Soak the doll kit in liquid dye for ten minutes. Remove and allow to dry for at least 24 hours before checking the color, this gives the dye enough time to set in the vinyl and will give you a better idea of ​​the color. Once you are happy with the color of your kit, take a small amount of pulp 04 and a larger amount of pulp 06 and mix with your odorless solvent or thinner until you get a water-like consistency. You can experiment a little with this color until you are happy that it is the right shade for an Asian complexion.

Once you’ve added some very fine veining to your kit, start layering your skin like you would a Caucasian doll by heating between the layers in a low oven for 8 minutes. The amount of skin you add to your baby is a personal preference. It’s best to stop once you’re sure you’ve replicated an Asian tone, bearing in mind that with all reborns, less is more, so once you feel you have the right coloring, it’s best to stop to avoid having to take the color off later. . Details on Asian reborns it is also slightly different than what you would add on a white skinned baby. Black hair would be an authentic looking color choice. This could be blended with a slightly lighter shade to give it a subtle effect. Brows can be added using a prism pencil in an almost black hue, remembering to use light, quick strokes and to always keep the pencil sharp so you don’t end up with a thick, unnatural looking eyebrow. The lashes should be the darkest shade used on the hair. This will provide more definition to the eyes and make the eye color stand out more. The blush and crease details on an Asian-skinned baby need to be a slightly darker shade, take the blush and add the slightest amount of brow brown and mix with the odorless solvent will give you an ideal shade for highlighting certain areas. Being reborn children with different complexions is an interesting development in reborn and through experience and practice you will perfect your technique with each one you create.

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