Baby Doll Lingerie – Tips and Tricks

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Doll lingerie is a type of sexy lingerie that flatters almost any figure, from the full-bodied to the petite woman. Doll lingerie is also a classic style, dating back to the 1950s. Doll lingerie has been in fashion for over 50 years and that speaks volumes about its appeal to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The popularity is due, in part, to the doll screaming young, innocent and cute. Which woman can discuss it?

Dolls are basically short, sleeveless dressing gowns with molded cups and loose skirts (usually hitting mid-thigh or a little higher), but there are many types and styles available. Options include sheer doll lingerie, exotic print babydoll lingerie, and lace babydoll lingerie. Some favorite fabrics for doll lingerie are silk, nylon, and chiffon. These are often finished with ruffles, lace, furs, bows or ribbons, and sometimes even several of these at once for an extremely sexy or risque babydoll touch.

And sexy is what babydolls are all about, especially those that come with matching panties, often thongs or thongs. A sweet and sexy style like that is sure to make babydolls a big hit with the man in your life.

Underwear online

When shopping for doll underwear, browse online from the privacy of your home. This is very different from when women in the 1950s had to walk into department stores to buy bold lingerie, and she felt like the sales clerk was watching in disgust. There is no more embarrassment and online shopping has made it easier than ever to purchase any type of sexy lingerie without a woman feeling like she has a scarlet letter attached to her blouse!

Shopping tips for necklines

Some doll lingerie buying tips include finding a neckline that complements the bust line. Many pieces of babydoll lingerie have V-necklines with built-in push-up cups. This type of neckline is great for those with small breasts or who need a little lift to look their best. The lines of the round neckline which are curved are good for women with full bust. If you are petite, stay away from too many flounces around the neckline of your doll’s lingerie because flounces tend to overwhelm your face and bust.

Color my world

Consider color and pattern when shopping for doll underwear. Red can look sexy, but not if it’s the only color that makes you look like you have the flu or if your skin already has pink tones. Choose colors that suit your skin tone and hair color, just like you would any type of clothing. Be wary of exotic models that can overwhelm and put too sour into the innocent yet sexy look you’re aiming for.

Soft and soothing

Finally, think about the fabrics. It may seem insignificant, but soft, comfortable fabric is important if you plan on wearing your doll’s underwear often, and easy care is also important. Fabrics like silk may not be the best choice. That’s fine, because nylon is a great substitute and is much more washable. After all, doll lingerie is supposed to bring extra fun into your life, not extra work!

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