Baby Bratz Dolls: Fashionable Babies

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Baby Bratz are part of the fantastic line of dolls produced by MGA: the Bratz dolls. But don’t think for a moment that these are your typical unsuspecting boys and girls, because as with teen dolls, Baby Bratz have a passion for fashion and it shows in every set of clothes available to them.

Baby Bratz are supposed to be Chloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha Bratz dolls when they were babies. They each have large heads – even bigger than their teenage counterparts – which makes sense considering babies often have heads that appear to be too big for their tiny bodies! Kids (and some adults too) find the Baby Bratz cute and adorable, especially when you wear them for winter fun.

The price of the little Bratz ranges from $ 7 to $ 11 each, depending on where you buy them, while their dresses are around $ 5 – $ 6 per pack. They have many accessories available, which can range from as little as $ 8 to as high as $ 30, depending on the accessories purchased.

A Baby Bratz doll makes a fantastic gift for most girls and is especially recommended if you are a mom or dad who is not completely happy with the look and attitude of teen Bratz dolls. If you don’t think that excess makeup and probably trashy looks are good influences for your little girl, then give her a Baby Bratz doll and she might be just as happy.

In terms of durability, these fantastic dolls are resistant to numerous “abuses” typical of children. I once accidentally stepped on a little Yasmin and she didn’t break (but she might just have been a lucky little girl!). Aside from that, I’ve seen Baby Bratz being thrown, having toy car crashes, and even being chewed by a dog, and I’ve never seen them break under abuse (unless you consider dog tooth marks as broken).

Whether you are a fashion doll collector or just looking for a great doll to give to your daughter, you simply can’t afford not to check out the cute Bratz doll line for kids. They are a great way to bring lots of fun to your daughter without breaking the bank. You can buy a Baby Bratz doll and two different sets of clothes for under twenty dollars, which in today’s economy isn’t that bad.

The Baby Bratz line of cute dolls and accessories can be found in almost every store in the country and is currently exported to a huge number of countries around the world. Once you know one of these adorable dolls, you’ll probably want another one and you’ll soon have a favorite Baby Bratz. My favorite Baby Bratz is Jade; what’s your?

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