Baby Blanket Knitting Projects – Standard baby blanket size

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So, you’re ready to knit your first baby blanket. You’ve got oohed and aah-ed on photos of sweet, soft and comfy blankets that are perfect for cuddling a sweet baby. You walked the aisles of your favorite yarn store and felt every pastel yarn there, testing its softness. Have you fantasized about keeping your precious bundle in a blanket you made by hand with your own hands or have you basked in the admiration you will receive when your friend opens your gift at the next baby shower.

Then reality strikes. You have an idea of ​​the perfect handmade blanket, but some “minor details” are missing, such as the size of this blanket. This is a good question, and unless you have a lot of experience with knitting, babies, or both, you probably don’t know what to do next.

Dimensions of the blanket

When it comes to baby blankets, there are three main dimensions: crib blankets, swaddling blankets, and reception blankets. You may not know this, but each of these have a specific purpose.

Crib Blankets – These blankets do exactly what the name implies – they are for the crib. Think of this blanket as a bedspread for the crib. This blanket is usually approximately 36 “x 52” and while it is perfect for making the crib beautiful and keeping an older baby warm at night, it is too large to swaddle a small baby. If you want to knit a blanket to decorate the baby’s room, this is it.

Swaddling Blankets – This blanket is the little blanket you use when your baby comes home from the hospital for the first time. Usually lightweight, it is about 30 “square and is perfect for tightly wrapping a baby to give him that” in the womb “feeling. This is a good blanket to swaddle a baby and give her a sense of security when you put him down for a nap. .

· Reception Blankets – If you want to get the most use possible, knit a blanket, knitting a reception blanket that is 34 “x 36” is perfect. This size works best because it is small enough to cuddle a small child but is also perfect for the baby to carry around when it reaches the child’s age. This size works great in baby carriers and car seats and is pretty much an all-purpose blanket.

Now that you know the standard sizes, all you have to do is choose the baby blanket that best suits your needs. Once you’ve made that decision, pick your favorite pattern, buy your yarn, and click on those knitting needles.

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