50% of men prefer sex dolls to orgasms than wives

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A recent survey by matchmaking agency LoveHoney found that 50% of men prefer to use a sex doll alone for orgasm rather than having sex with a wife or girlfriend for sexual pleasure.

Generally speaking, there may be three reasons: self-directed and self-acted, convenient and fast, and health reasons.
500 adult men living in Europe participated in the survey. LoveHoney staff were surprised by the findings.

Among the men who like to use sex dolls, 60% of the men mentioned that the use of sex dolls can be completely dominated and controlled by themselves, in order to achieve their satisfactory orgasm.

Rhododendron and 66% of men propose: convenient and fast. Sexual pleasure is God’s gift to human beings, and the use of sex dolls can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. In fact, it cannot be anywhere, at least alone, in a private space.

42% of men mentioned health and hygiene. Use sex dolls without worrying about unwanted pregnancy and STDs with your wife or girlfriend. Because there are still some men who are reluctant to wear condoms when they are intimate with their wives or girlfriends.

AlessanLoveHoney, PR Director of Italian Girlfriend True Love Doll 158cm, said: “The results of the survey surprised many people, but the men who participated in this survey are our company’s customers, each with their own characteristics and may not represent the choice of all men.

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